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Q: Do You accept insurance payments?

Answer: Flow Therapy, LLC is an out-of-network service provider and does not accept insurance payments. Some insurance companies will reimburse you if you provide proof of receiving out-of-network treatment. We will provide you with a detailed receipt upon request. 

Q: What kind of payments do you accept?

Answer: Payments can be made electronically or over the phone with any major card. Checks are not accepted. You can view all of our service rates by clicking HERE.

Q: When are payments due?

Answer: Payments are due 24 hours before each service. If you do not cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance, you will be charged the full service fee.

Q: Do you have reduced fee and/or pro bono options?

Answer: Pro Bono and reduced fee spots are available on a limited basis. Please ask your therapist about options during your initial consultation.


Q: What happens if I cancel my session?

Answer: We get it. Things happen. Clients who cancel sessions at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment will not be charged the service fee. Clients who fail to cancel 24 hours before the scheduled service will be charged the full service fee.

Q: Do you provide in-person services?

Answer: All services provided by Flow Therapy, LLC are virtual. 

Q: What populations do you serve?

Answer: We serve children/adolescents (7 -17) and adults (18 and up) in the state of Maryland. 

Q: Are your therapists licensed to prescribe medicine?

Answer: No, our providers are not licensed to prescribe medicine. A referral will be made for those in need of psychiatric services.

Q: How long are your therapy sessions?

Answer: Standard therapy sessions are 45 minutes. 

Q: How long does treatment last?

Answer: Treatment duration is dependent on individual necessity. However, clients have the right to end treatment and life coaching whenever they decide to and for whatever reason.

Q: How do I know if I really need therapy?

Answer: People seek therapy for various reasons. You do not need to be mentally ill to benefit from therapy. Some people just need an objective and non-judgmental person to talk to. If you'd like help determining whether or not therapy would be appropriate for you, contact us.

Q: What is the difference between life coaching and therapy?

Answer: Life coaching focuses more on the behaviors stemming from feelings and emotions rather than the emotions themselves. It’s more structured and goal oriented. Therapy is also more clinically based, utilizes diagnosis (when applicable), and implements clinical and evidenced-based assessments.


Q: How can I be notified about group sessions, workshops, presentations, and events?

Answer: Subscribe to our mailing list to be sent information about group sessions, workshops, presentations, and coaching events as they become available. Subscribers will also be sent affirmations and mental health resources. You can unsubscribe at any time. Your email address and other identifying information will remain confidential.

Q: Who qualifies for an Emotional Support Animal or Service Animal?

Answer: Those who are diagnosed with a mental and/or an emotional disability qualify for an Emotional Support Animal and/or Service Animal. A diagnostic assessment will be conducted in order to determine need for ESA or SA prescription. 

Q: Can my Emotional Support Animal or Service Animal live and travel in places standard animals are not allowed?

Answer: Yes, ESAs and SAs are not pets and should not be subjected to standard travel and housing restrictions. However, U.S. airlines are no longer required to allow ESAs on flights. 

Q: How can I prove that I have been prescribed an Emotional Support Animal or Service Animal?

Answer: Those who qualify for an Emotional Support Animal or Service Animal will receive an ESA or SA Evaluation Letter within 24-48 hours of psychological evaluation.

Q: Do I have to pay housing and travel fees for my Emotional Support Animal or Service Animal?

Answer: Emotional Support Animals and Service Animals are legally exempt from pet housing and travel (excluding U.S. air travel) deposits/fees .

Q: Will you make revisions to my Emotional Support Animal Letter or Service Dog Letter if my housing provider does not accept it?

Answer: Yes, up to two free revisions can be requested within 30 days of psychological evaluation. All letters meet Fair Housing Act and Americans With Disabilities Act criteria. We are not responsible if a housing provider or transportation provider does not provide reasonable accommodations for your ESA or SA.

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